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Developing drugs which target the parts of the immune system that make us uniquely human.


Harnessing the the power of the human immune system to fight cancer


Historically, cancer treatment has focused on attacking the point of difference between healthy and tumor tissue with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

In recent years an explosion of new approaches have offered hope to patients, one of the most promising of these has been immune oncology – where the patient’s own immune system does the work of discriminating between healthy and diseased tissue and the drugs we use empower the body to fight disease.  

A major challenge with this approach is that model animals, such as mice, which play a vital role in developing drugs, don’t predict how patients will respond to treatment.

At NPB we use our humanized mouse platform technology to bring human tumors and immune cells together in vivo.  This allows us to target the uniquely human aspects of the immune system and bring the power of that which makes us human to bear on disease.


Humanized mouse platform

NPB is built around a humanized mouse platform which provides experimental models with human target and effector cells to test antibody drugs.

The current focus is developing human immune system mice with solid tumors. 

This provides the ability to develop in vivo data targeting human specific pathways that are missing or highly divergent in established model organisms, unlocking new opportunities for drug development and improved, more targeted clinical testing.


What will cancer treatment look like when therapies leverage the human immune system to its fullest potential?


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