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New Paradigm Biosciences (NPB), a Boston based spin-out company from MIT and UNC-Chapel Hill, is focused on the development of novel cancer immune-therapeutics using its proprietary platform. NPB‘s platform is based on innovative humanized mouse models complimented by pipeline of novel antibodies directed at unique immune-oncology targets.  We are currently expanding our operations and seeking talented scientists to join a fast-paced early stage company culture focused on the design of cutting edge treatments for cancer that have a positive impact on patients. 

Open Positions


Research Technician / Associate Scientist

Job Summary

New Paradigm is seeking a technician/associate scientist to contribute to NPB’s platform and early stage discovery programs.  This individual will participate in supporting NPB’s research programs by providing general technical support as well as administrative duties. The successful candidate will collaboratively work other research staff providing general lab duties in support of our platform and pipeline.  

Support duties include but are not limited to: ordering and maintaining supplies, reagents; preparation of research material as well insuring compliance with ethics, health and safety regulations; running standard assays according to company SOPs; Collaborating on assay development; maintaining laboratory equipment and training users as needed. Appointment will be at a level commensurate with experience.


  • BS in biological sciences (with industry laboratory experience preferred) 
  • 2 years full time laboratory experience.
  • Experience working with human blood and/or tissue culture experience with primary cells.  
  • Experience in maintenance and validation of laboratory equipment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with attention to detail, and high accountability as to individual work.
  • Excellent record-keeping, documentation, and communication skills both verbal as well as written are essential.


  • Experience running in vitro immune/cell biological assays.
  • Familiarity with troubleshooting/developing in vitro assays.
  • Experience with maintaining BD flow cytometry equipment.


Job Summary

New Paradigm is seeking two experienced and knowledgeable cellular immunologists to contribute to NPB’s early stage discovery programs as well as to the future expansion of our pipeline. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of designing and executing in vitro and in vivo assays for the identification, selection, and characterization of therapeutic antibodies, against challenging immune-oncology targets. The ideal candidate will have laboratory experience in innate immunity, specifically either natural killer cells or myeloid cells, and the roles they play in cancer.


  • MS (with experience) in immunology, cancer biology or related field.  Industry experience preferred.
  • Hands-on laboratory experience with primary immune cells of human and/or rodent origin and hands-on experience with the isolation and analysis of primary cells by multi-color flow-cytometry, ELISA and other approaches.
  • Hands-on laboratory in developing functional assays and readouts with human primary immune cells and cell lines.
  • Excellent record-keeping and communication skills both verbal as well as written are essential.
  • Experience with generation, and characterization of humanized monoclonal antibodies desirable.

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